Friday, August 24, 2007

My Post Surgery Foods & Recipes

Foods I ate post Surgery that were good, filling, and relatively simple to consume with a baby spoon or in a zip and squeeze bag. I didn't write it on every item but all fruits, milks, eggs, vegetables, meats, and ingrediants added to stuff was organic, unless otherwise specified.

Oatmeal – With milk, butter, and sugar. I also added some mashed banana a few times.
Cream of Wheat – I added a bit of butter, and maple syrup, then thinned it out and put it in a zip and squeeze bag. It is really good.
Gerber Organic baby food fruits – peaches, pears, and blueberry apple where my favorites.
Organic Cottage Cheese – blend in the Magic bullet to get rid of lumps. Tastes really good eaten with pureed fruit, or the baby food fruits above.
Scrambled Eggs with ground up ham added to it before scrambling. This was very high in protein and tasted much better then just plain scrambled eggs. I also made them with different kinds of cheese mixed in.
Egg Flower Soup – Buy the package of powdered soup in the store, stir two scrambled eggs into the soup when it is heated til almost boiling. Let it cool and enjoy.
Snack pack pudding
with whipped cream
Tapioca pudding – my mom made this homemade for me, it was so good!
Cheese Cake – Soft type, not the really dense kind
Blended organic hotdog – with a little mustard
Beef stew meat and vegetables – I made a beef barley soup with carrots, green beans, stew beef, and barley. Once done I took out all of the beef, then would grind up the vegetables and broth and add a few chunks of beef, then blend again. Then I put it in a zip and squeeze and drank it.
Tomato soup – Sometimes I would add pasta to make it more filling.
Split Pea soup – Pureed in the blender
Chicken noodle soup – I ground up bourbon chicken from a Chinese take-out and added it to regular soup. Boosted the protein and gave it some extra flavor.
Butternut squash soup
Mashed potatoes w/gravy – These are really good and very easy to eat. I recommend having some kind of meat with them though for extra protein.
Blended carrots – add butter and enjoy
Blended corn – add butter and enjoy.
Blended hamburger - It’s best to mix this with potatoes or gravy. Hamburger is pretty dry and can get stuck or sorta scrape your throat.
Blended Rib eye Steak
Spaghetti w/sauce with italian sausage – Blend sausage then add how much you want to the sauce. Put over chopped spaghetti. Don’t blend together or your sauce will come out very spicy, with an overbearing taste of Italian sausage.
Penne w/pesto sauce – Chop into small pieces
Lobster Ravioli – I ate this while in Las Vegas. It was really good and easy to smash and swallow
Beef & Bean Burritto – I opened the tortilla and ate the filling. The ground beef mixed with the refried beans and cheese is good. You can add some salsa for flavor if you want.
Lasagna – Made with ground italion sausage
Vietnemese Pho Noodle soup – I would order this with well done beef, cut up the noodles and basically swallow it whole. It was a favorite of mine, and pretty easy to eat. Be sure and cut up the noodles really well though so you don’t choke.
Blended Tilapia – I also blended salmon and halibut.that I just ate with a baby spoon. Another good thing is blended artificial crab mixed with a tablespoon or two of mayonnaise. You can add salt and pepper to season it, then eat with a spoon. I also did this with tuna. It was very good, and very high protein. I could eat one serving and feel very full.
Eggo waffles – Put some butter and syrup on these, then spray some whipped cream on the. Allow them to sit a minute or so and get mushy. Mmmm…so good!
Pancakes- I had blueberry pancakes, these pretty much melt in your mouth so are very easy to eat.

Fruit Smoothies
Berry smoothie
½ a cup of Minute Maid Fruit Punch
½ a cup of yogurt
½ a scoop of vanilla or unflavored protein powder
½ - ¾ cup berries (I used blueberries)
¼ cup of ice
Blend til smooth

Fruit shakes– I used about
1 cup of vanilla soy milk
½ a cup of vanilla yogurt
½ of a very small banana or ¼ of regular one (too much banana will overpower the taste of your smoothie and you won’t taste anything else so go easy on them)
½ a cup of berries of your choice ( I like blueberries the best)
½ a cup of vanilla ice cream
2 tablespoons of benefiber,
2 packets of splenda or 2 teaspoons of sugar.
Blend til smooth.

I also made vanilla, chocolate, and chocolate peanut butter milkshakes with carnation instant breakfast
½ cup whole milk
½ cup vanilla ice cream
1 giant tablespoon Carnation instant breakfast (for chocolate and chocolate peanut butter),
½ a scoop of vanilla or flavorless protein powder
1 tablespoon peanut butter (for chocolate peanut butter shake). I loved the peanut butter one the best!

Coffee milkshake (tastes like a Baskin Robbins Mocha Cappacino blast)
½ a cup of double strength or very strong coffee
½ a cup whole milk, or vanilla soy milk
1 cup vanilla ice cream
2 packets of splenda, or 3 teaspoons of granulated sugar (more to taste)
Add about ¾ of a cup of ice. Blend til smooth.
If you want a mocha one, add two tablespoons of Hershey’s chocolate syrup.

Creamsicle Shake
1 cup of orange juice
1 cup vanilla ice cream
½ cup vanilla soy milk
Blend til smooth

Ok, that is all I can think of at the moment. I will add other items as I remember them.